The Package

The Package subscription costs only $12.00 for one visually impaired client and one companion. The Package services include transportation to and from the theater, the theater tickets, audio description, and on-site sighted help. Wheelchair accessible transportation is available on request. Please inform us of any other needs or accommodations you may require. We can only help with what we know about.

To subscribe contact:

AVIA - The Package

400 Harvard Ave. E. #202

Seattle, WA 98102

By phone: 206-323-7190

By E-mail:

AVIA's subscription service provides expanded access for performances in several Seattle theaters. For a subscription, a visually impaired subscriber gets:

  • a ticket for herself, and another for one companion.
  • Audio description.
  • Transportation to and from the theater.
  • A coordinator at the theater to help people with seating, headsets, tickets, restrooms, and transportation after the show.
  • Help for subscribers with special needs like residual vision, guide dogs, and mobility problems.

Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Given Answers

Can we subscribe to The Package for more than two people?
You can get tickets at the same price that AVIA pays (usually more than $12.00) so extra family can sit together, but over the two must come by their own transportation.

Is it worth being on the waiting list?
Definitely. Subscribers often have to cancel. AVIA will hold your check until a spot opens up. If nothing does, we will return your check.

Is the deadline flexible?
No. AVIA submits its ticket purchase order on the deadline.

If the visually impaired subscriber cannot attend, can the subscriber's companion still come to the show with the Package ticket?

If the companion is visually impaired, he or she is welcome to attend as a subscriber in his or her own right. If sighted, he or she will not be able to use the ticket. Package tickets are intended to benefit and improve access for blind and visually impaired people, not to provide cheap tickets for sighted friends.